Coming Soon*

*The word "soon" is a relative term and therefore cannot be defined by your personal interpretation. There is a collection of paint work I intend to place in this online portfolio, it's a matter of getting it together in a way that makes sense.

...And actually properly capturing the work that I've done (a lot of which I don’t have immediate access to anymore).

So I use the word "soon" loosely. By "soon" I actually mean: "hopefully before the end of time".

At least there is a timeline. Of course nobody actually knows the numerical value with which it concludes.

Some believe 2012. The ancient Mayans, for example. They believed that. Easy for them to say seeing as how they knew they were all kicking off long before that.

To clarify, I'm choosing not to specify whether I'm referring to the end of time or mankind's end.

Seeing as how I have not yet breached mortality, they both refer to the same end as far as my life is concerned.

So we'll go with the end of mankind.

But let's put an additional asterisk next to that because should I somehow breach mortality before the end of mankind (and presumably the end of me), we'll go with the end of time.

You can see how that lengthy explanation would be more than most people would like to read in the Paint section. That's why I chose to write "coming soon".

Not that you've wasted your time reading this. You have made it this far and you now have a better understanding of the timeframe in which the Paint section may or may not arrive.

But it will probably be sooner than that.